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Customer data is a precious resource for organizations involved in B2B eCommerce. By understanding your present and prospective customers, you can better strategize your marketing and sales operations.

Nevertheless, collecting, aggregating, organizing, managing, and distributing consumer data can, at times, be a pain on your side. That’s why B2Sell builds integrated Customer Relationship Management integrations to help enterprises centralize their customer information streams, databases, and systems.

B2Sell CRM combines best-in-class technologies and scalable strategies to collect and analyze data from touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle. Customer-related information is consolidated into a centralized repository for faster, efficient, streamlined access, collaboration, and analysis.

B2Sell CRM Integration Features

Customer Interactions Management
Lead/Prospect Management
Customer Satisfaction & Case Management
Social Media Management & Marketing
Contract & Proposal Management
Events Management
Dashboards, Reports, and Business Intelligence
Sales & Marketing Automation and Analytics
Mobile Apps and Devices Integration
eCommerce System Integration
Sales Performance Monitoring
Easy Sharing & Syncing of Files and Data
Calendar Sync
Sales Forecasting
CRM Access Management
Sales Performance Monitoring
Survey Data and Forms Collection
Returns Authorization
Opportunity-To-Quote Processing
Opportunity-To-Order Processing
Workflow Visualization

How B2Sell CRM Integration Works

Initial Evaluation

Kick-start B2Sell CRM integration with a discovery call where our CRM implementation team learns everything about your organization’s needs, goals, and expectations.


Our team will audit your B2B eCommerce data and analyze your sales and marketing funnels, workflows, and digital assets to determine what areas to integrate and improve.

CRM Integration Building

We tailor our CRM solutions to your unique business, products, customers, data structures, sync logic, field mapping, and many other parameters. B2Sell works tirelessly to provide the best solutions for the most intact, accurate, and reliable CRM system.

Validation, Enrichment, and Expansion

Our CRM systems are packed with numerous valuable features, including the ability to validate, research, enrich, and expand customer data.

Testing and Launch

After quality assurance testing on all sync data and flow systems, we populate and launch the B2Sell CRM.

Benefits of B2Sell CRM Integration

Drive Customer Engagement

Create Innovative Customer Experiences

Better Resources Utilization

Automate Your Workflows, Making Them More Efficient

Enjoy Full-Range Customizations

Expertise and Experience of Highly-Trained and Certified B2Sell Team Members

Get full-featured, secure, and documented integrations for your CRM

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“B2Sell gave us an efficient Customer Relationship Management solution with easy-to-navigate migration, integration, and implementation.”