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What is B2Sell PIM?

B2Sell’s proprietary product information management system allows B2B businesses to store, enrich, manage, and share all product-related data

Businesses can rely on B2Sell PIM to streamline the process of curating and updating product information throughout their sales and marketing channels


Who Needs B2Sell PIM?

Do you wish to pursue a new demographic, bring a new supplier on board, or engage additional channels? If so, you wouldn’t want to share wrong or outdated information about your products.

B2Sell PIM is thus an excellent tool to have because it helps keep pace with product changes and adapt your product messaging and pricing.

Many brands have turned to us to help them centralize their product information.

Our clients value our software’s input in creating product catalogs, marketing messages, and sales strategies

What B2Sell PIM Does

B2sell PIM leverages its strong information architecture to effectively manage and track complex, cross-functional product information, including:

Basic Product Data

B2Sell PIM accurately captures all data directly related to a product, including UPCs, SKUs, product names, labels, categories, numbers, suggested usage, etc.

Digital Assets Management

B2sell PIM manages digital assets associated with products. Well, nobody will be willing to purchase something before seeing a picture of what they’ll be getting first.

B2Sell PIM safely stores and makes available pictures, videos, gifs, manuals, and other assets used to communicate more about your products visually.

Technical Information

Before adding anything to their cart, B2B buyers often consider the technical specification of a product. B2Sell PIM allows the vendors to provide this information accurately across all channels.

Such info could include warranties, measurements, fabrics and materials used, colors, and so on.

Marketing Information

You can get tons of marketing insight when you deploy b2Sell PIM. The tool stores and updates, in real-time, all product marketing data such as customer personas who bought it, mobile-friendliness of the description, and SEO information, among other things.


Sales Information

The B2sell PIM will store helpful product information such as pricing, customer reviews, testimonials, items sold, etc.


B2Sell software lets you discover which product customers frequently buy together.

It will catalog product relationships, variations, and categories that make up the structure of your B2B eCommerce store.

Design Information

Do your products fit in with the rest of your eCommerce branding strategy?

Are customers attracted to your products based on how they are displayed?

B2Sell PIM offers a variety of designer notes and styling suggestions.

Use this info to steer your marketing campaigns in the proper creative direction.

Localized Information

Does your B2B business operate locally, nationally, regionally, or globally?

Do you need to tailor your product descriptor to a specific target location?

B2Sell PIM offers you multilingual copy, global currency systems, and everything else required to give your customers the best shopping experience wherever they may be.

Emotional Information

B2Sell PIM aspires to help B2B businesses forge lasting emotional connections between business and Brands.


A Better Way to Manage and Optimize Product Data With B2Sell PIM

Easy Import & Export

Import data from CSV and Excel files to add new information or update existing information in attributes, products, and categories. Export data into multiple formats based on categories and attributes

Manage Customers & Orders

Manage website orders and customer accounts. Print order invoices, packing slips, or update tracking numbers for orders. Automate email notifications to customers to keep them informed on order fulfillment and tracking.

Provide Discounts & Coupons

provide additional discounts and tiered pricing based on quantities purchased or order values. Our flexible promotions module helps you sell products at different price points for each customer.

Apply Restriction Rules

Allow or restrict products, categories, and suppliers per customer. Control product visibility and showcase targeted products to customers, giving you the flexibility to run product specials, inventory closeouts, and flash sales to maximize sales and profits

Reporting & Analytics

Schedule and run customer reports, order reports, and product reports. Download them in multiple formats such as CSV, Excel, and PDF. Built-in Google Analytics helps you view customer interactions with pages and determine which pages convert into sales.

Our Clients

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Pacific Ag Wholesalers
Trinity Surface & Tile
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