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Having a website just isn’t enough for your B2Bbusiness to succeed

Mobile apps play a significant part in building relationships between B2B businesses and their customers Additionally, an eCommerce mobile app can target your customers anywhere at any time

Up to 35% of your customers use mobile devices to buy

Over 80% of your customers compare prices on their mobile devices before buying

78% of your potential customers would rather access your store on mobile devices

About 72.9% of eCommerce sales are often generated through mobile devices

B2Sell mobile apps allow brands to find better ways to connect with B2B customers

Seamless and Deep Integration with B2B ERP

Publish to App Store and Play Store

Ordering and Customer Service on Mobile Devices

Multiple Platforms

Available on iOS and Android with separate apps for mobiles and tablets.

Published to app stores under your branding and accounts so your users can rest assured that the apps are fully supported by you.

Real Time Updates

Categories, Products, Customer Accounts, Pricing, and Live Inventory are all updated in real-time from your ERP.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Our apps leverage the power of connected customers to create steady involvement through mobile B2B eCommerce

We can, therefore, give all your customers consistent, personalized experiences throughout their journey with your brand


Custom notifications for out-of-stock products, order shipments, product releases, and announcements.

Users set and control their notifications.

Barcode Scanning

Scan & Search using barcodes and place orders easily.

Add items to order blazing fast using the ‘scan & add’ feature.

Sales Rep Features

Sales rep accounts get special access to orders on behalf of their customer accounts.

They can also view order history and invoices.


We combine the strength of Artificial intelligence, Machine learning AR & VR to give your valuable insight about:

What your customers like

When your customers prefer shopping online

How much time your customers spend deciding what to buy

Features of B2Sell Mobile eCommerce Applications

Succinct Product Information

Who has the time to scroll through lengthy product descriptions on their mobile phone, right?

Our apps can help you create better product descriptors

We keep the descriptions succinct and very targeted to present your products as the best options

By synchronizing your data through our product information management system, you reduce customer dissatisfaction, increase return customers and boost your overall sales

Personalized Customer Experiences

Our apps collect information about your customers’ buying and browsing habits

We then help you create personalized product offers and recommendations

The apps leverage sophisticated recommendation engines to attract the attention of online shoppers towards your products, discounts, and offers

Creating personalized content helps expand your business reach and enhance consumer engagement with your brand

Ultimately, the power of personalization offered by B2Sell mobile apps boosts customer loyalty and encourages return shopper

One-touch Tech Support

Your customers require immediate assistance whenever they encounter a challenge within your store

Our apps make it effortless for customers to reach customer support

We provide an array of quick support messaging tools that effectively and promptly engage your customers, letting them know that you’ve got their issues covered

Android and iOS Support

Our apps are flexible and mobile-centric.

B2Sell mobile applications are customized to work perfectly on Android and iOS platforms.

We, therefore, give you the power to cater to a broad audience no matter what mobile device they use.