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What drives revenue on your Epicor P21 store? How can you chart the clearest path to increased profits and new growth? Simply stay on top of your products with real-time updates to your inventory, pricing, and orders. To do this, you need a reliable product information management system.

A PIM (Product Information Manager) platform streamlines processes in the product lifecycle so that you can sell more and scale your B2B eCommerce.

Nevertheless, a one-size-fits-all PIM can be a drag on B2B eCommerce. That’s why the B2Sell PIM for P21 was specially built to help business-to-business merchants sell and grow more on Epicor Prophet 21.


B2Sell offers a reliable, scalable, fast, and secure product Information Manager for Prophet 21


Our PIM for Prophet 21 runs efficiently on all browsers and devices anywhere on the globe


B2Sell PIM allows you to customize product descriptions, categories, attributes, etc. to enact your business logic and strengthen your brand


B2Sell PIM API integrates seamlessly with Prophet 21, helping your teams capture, store, manage, and collaborate on essential product data

Your PIM Should Work as Hard and Efficiently as Your Team

B2Sell understands your Prophet 21 customers. We combine the best practices of product information management with the time-tested secrets of a successful online business. In doing so, we bring B2B vendors on Prophet 21 a PIM that adds value to their customer relationships

Epicor Prophet 21 Integration
  • Shorten time to market for new products
  • Shorten sales cycles for all products
  • Finetune inventory to increase customer loyalty
  • Create a unified product experience across all channels and marketplaces
  • Automate product data management on Epicor P21 for increased accuracy and efficiency

Don’t Just Move Products; Simplify Product Data Management

B2Sell aims to revolutionize how businesses approach data management on Prophet 21 ERP. Integrating our PIM with your stores helps streamline how you create, enrich, update and synchronize product data.

B2Sell PIM for Epicor Prophet 21 further helps you scale and grow your business with solid and meaningful insight. Our end-to-end PIM solution offers a range of analytics and SEO data to drive accurate forecasting and speedy business growth.

Unlock The Power of Your Prophet 21 ERP

The B2Sell PIM results from over 2 decades of servicing the Epicor Prophet 21 eCommerce platform with functionality-enhancing APIs. Built from the ground up by our global team of experts, the PIM API will simplify product content management and automate workflows.

Centralized Product Content

Items, Categories, Suppliers, Customers, Brands, Pricing, Classes, and other custom columns can be stored and synced in real-time with your Epicor P21 ERP to make the data available to your customers and internal staff.

Content Management System

Our easy-to-use drag-and-drop content management system lets you create new pages and make edits to existing pages. Build landing pages for ad campaigns, to boost SEO, and increase your visibility on search engines. Our easy-to-use form builder and navigation editor help you control your website with custom content and pages whenever you need them.

Asset Manager

Web-based asset manager to organize images, attachments, videos, and other digital assets. Store one version of assets and use them in multiple channels.

Reporting & Analytics

Schedule and run customer reports, order reports, product reports, and download in multiple formats such as CSV, Excel, and PDF. Built-in Google Analytics help you view customer interaction with pages and determine which pages convert into sales

Discounts & Coupons

Offer discounts and custom coupons for customers, provide additional discounts and tiered pricing based on quantities purchased or order values. Our flexible promotions module helps you sell products at different price points for each customer.

Customers & Orders

Manage website orders and customer accounts. Print order invoices, packing slips or update tracking numbers for orders. Automated email notifications to customers keep them informed on order fulfillment and tracking.


Import & Export

Import data from CSV and excel files to add new information or update existing information in attributes, products, and categories. Export data into multiple formats based on categories and attributes.

Restriction Rules

Allow or restrict products, categories, and supplies per customer. Control product visibility and showcase targeted products to customers, giving you the flexibility to run product specials, inventory closeouts, and flash sales to maximize sales and profits