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Any B2B business can harness its product data to boost sales and its bottom line. But unfortunately, most companies aren’t taking full advantage of their product data.

B2Sell PIM is the perfect tool for collecting, analyzing, and aggregating product data.

By leveraging seamless automation technologies, B2Sell PIM makes it easy for B2B companies to gather data from diverse sources and further present it in simple, easy-to-analyze formats.

Benefits of B2Sell’s Data Curation and Aggregation

Save Time, Money, and Human Resources

B2Sell PIM fully automizes data curation and aggregation, eliminating tedious manual data entry and the costly errors associated with manual processes.

Ultimately, we help your organization save significant time and money.

Create Impactful Product Strategies

B2Sell PIM’s aggregated data gives you relevant data about your products and their performance in various markets. You can leverage this vital information to build a competitive product strategy.

Receive Useful Feedback Data

The B2Sell PIM provides feedback data about your business, products, and customer experiences. Use this data to streamline processes, drive revenue, and maximize growth opportunities.

Better Decision Making

Accurate, timely data curation and aggregation by the B2Sell PIM means better assessment and precise decisions making for your business.

Data Optimization

The B2Sell PIM curates data from multiple sources. As a result, the data comes in many complex formats, some of which are hard to comprehend.

Our software intuitively aggregates this data in a standardized format so that your departments and channels can understand, process, and utilize it effectively.

Client Profile

Bryan Equipment Sales
Pacific Ag Wholesalers
Trinity Surface & Tile
SRS Distribution
Heritage Pool Supply Group
Electracom Supply

Satisfied Customers, More Sales, Better Profits

Aggregating your brand’s product data gives you an excellent view of your entire customer journey with all its channels and touchpoints.

By making it easy for you to understand your customers, B2Sell PIM puts you in a better position to cater to customer needs, thereby converting them.

Furthermore, B2Sell PIM optimizes data such that it’s consistently presented across all channels. Therefore, regardless of the channels you supply, your customers can easily find your products at all times.

B2Sell PIM delivers value to B2B organizations in competitive eCommerce landscapes. It is the right PIM to help your business thrive and excel