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At B2Sell, we offer B2B businesses systematic solutions to effectively store, organize, manage, distribute, and retrieve digital assets.

The functionalities of our Digital assets Management API allow eCommerce organizations to create a centralized hub that offers unlimited access to their digital assets.

Digital Assets Manageable via B2Sell DAM


Logos, infographics, stock photos, vector files, charts, brand assets

Explainer videos, how-to- videos vlogs, whiteboard videos, stock video files, instructional videos, video courses

Stock audio files, podcasts, audiobooks

Brochures, sales quotations, whitepapers, guides, manuals, course material, process documentation, e-books, templates

B2Sell streamlines and optimizes the creation, management, and distribution of rich product-related media, particularly for marketing and sales purposes

Having a centralized digital assets management system promotes brand consistency

Assets are updated automatically across all channels in line with brand guidelines

B2Sell DAM creates consistent user experiences for your brand to external audiences

B2Sell DAM harmonizes the media-rich core of product information management.

B2Sell Digital Assets Management system makes it easy for your team to find, organize, share, publish, and optimize digital assets in real-time.

Marketing teams find it easy to create and collaborate on ads, social media content, emails, videos, etc.

Operations and services teams are able to seamlessly produce blueprints, documentation, and workflow diagrams

Sales teams can create and share product imagery and documentation on-demand.

Repurpose digital content with ease

Reduce unnecessary costs

Retain consistent brand image and message

Reinforce business growth

Spend less time organizing. Spend more time selling with B2Sell DAM.

As your B2B business and content grows, your digital library becomes larger. If you or your teams spend too much time looking for digital files, its time you considered the B2Sell DAM solution.

Asset Accessibility

B2Sell DAM is a centralized system that helps B2B stores establish workflows, manage digital assets access, and streamline approval processes to make the right files available to the right people.

Time saved, Revenue Increased

Your teams no longer have to spend hours looking for disappeared or mislabeled digital assets. Instead, that time can be direct to growing and scaling your B2B business operations.

Synchronized Workforce, Enhanced Productivity

The unified B2Sell platform is designed to boost collaboration and sharing. We make it easy for you to create agile workflows, democratize assets, improve consistency across channels and empower your B2B teams to focus on what matters most for your business.