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Transform Your B2B Ecommerce Experience with B2Sell for Epicor P21

Elevate your B2B ecommerce game with B2Sell's powerful solution for Epicor P21. Experience seamless integration, advanced functionality, and enhanced user experience to drive your business forward. Learn more about how B2Sell revolutionizes B2B ecommerce for businesses using Epicor P21.

B2Sell’s Ecommerce for Prophet 21 benefits

Experience seamless integration and enhanced functionality with B2Sell's Ecommerce for Prophet 21. Maximize sales, improve customer experiences, and streamline operations effortlessly

Deep Integration

B2Sell's deep integration with ERP systems like Epicor Prophet 21 and Acclaim ensures seamless communication between your website and back-office systems. Real-time importing of orders and quotes into your ERP system streamlines fulfillment processes, empowering you to launch and manage your online operations efficiently.

Proven Value

With a specialized focus on distribution and manufacturing companies, B2Sell's B2B and B2C websites for Epicor P21 are designed from the ground up to deliver exceptional value. Leveraging a decade of experience, B2Sell optimizes your online sales channels, driving growth and success for your business.

Mobile First Websites

B2Sell's responsive websites are tailored for all mobile devices and modern browsers, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience for every visitor. No matter the device they use, your customers will enjoy stellar websites and a user-friendly interface.

User Experience

B2Sell's modern and responsive websites offer a range of features that enhance user experience. From turnkey design to implementation and hosting solutions, B2Sell empowers your distribution or manufacturing business to flourish online. Gain customer confidence with industry-leading features and functionality.

Best Customer Support

B2Sell is committed to keeping your websites and business running smoothly. Their unrivaled customer support includes unlimited phone and email assistance, ensuring you receive the help you need whenever you need it. Trust B2Sell to be your reliable partner in optimizing your online presence.

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Integrated E-Commerce for Epicor Prophet 21

Powerful Search

B2Sell's universal search ensures lightning-fast results even with vast product catalogs. It offers ranked results and customizable sorting for a user-friendly experience. Autocomplete suggestions and a built-in dictionary aid users with accurate search queries.

Integrated E-Commerce for Epicor Prophet 21

Easy Checkout

B2Sell streamlines the checkout process by integrating customer data and shipping addresses from P21. Customers can pay via credit cards or use PO numbers. Quick order and order upload options cater to power users, while cart storage facilitates future purchases and reordering.

Integrated E-Commerce for Epicor Prophet 21

Pricings from P21

With live pricing, B2Sell synchronizes customer-specific pricing from Prophet 21, eliminating the need for separate website pricing management. Any changes made in P21 reflect instantly, enhancing the selling process and ensuring a consistent customer experience.

Integrated E-Commerce for Epicor Prophet 21

Live Inventory

B2Sell displays real-time inventory from all warehouses, empowering customers to place orders from multiple locations or access combined inventory data. Advanced controls help manage back orders effectively, ensuring accurate stock availability.

Integrated E-Commerce for Epicor Prophet 21

Purchase History Worksheet

B2Sell offers a comprehensive purchase history worksheet, detailing past orders and invoices. This feature enables users to track their purchasing patterns, review previous transactions, and facilitate reorder processes efficiently.

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