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As a distributor, you often find yourself at the center of complex supply chains. Consequently, the challenge of growing volumes of product data is one that you inevitably have to deal with.

B2Sell PIM gives distributors a scalable, user-friendly platform to manage, enrich and automate data about their SKUs, suppliers, and buyers.

Our advanced data management platform reduces product-to-market time, enables omnichannel presence, integrates new points of sale, and ultimately amplifies business returns.

The B2Sell PIM connects easily to existing enterprise systems. By integrating B2Sell with your business systems, you eliminate incidence of errors and get to update those systems with the latest data and technologies.

Enhanced Data Quality

As a distributor, you need to avoid all possible pitfalls of bad-quality data. And the same time, you ought to leverage all the benefits of high-quality data.

B2Sell PIM makes product data a cornerstone in your company’s digitization. In doing so, we help distributors create data that’s varied, but concise and consistent, strategically placing them in a better position to scale their operations.

Streamlined Content Distribution

Distributors often need to share large portfolios and product catalogs to several diverse commerce endpoints.

The B2Sell PIM is an intelligent tool that interprets and executes content requirements across portals, marketplaces, devices, etc. Pushing content to reseller platforms and other sales channels, therefore, is easier, more efficient, and faster.

Maximized Productivity

The B2Sell PIM is a central database where real-time, accurate product information is visible across different systems and/or departments. As a result, different teams can easily collaborate and function together seamlessly to maximize productivity.


Avant-Garde Product Data Management System

Innovative Product Catalog Automation Solution

Custom-Tailored Supply Chain Portals

Easy, Fast Integration with Existing Distribution Systems

Integrate B2Sell PIM today and transform your product data challenges into real business opportunities

The Number 1 PIM for Streamlining Industrial Distribution Systems

By simplifying product data management and streamlining workflows, B2Sell PIM gives distributors a better way to work on various platforms.

B2Sell is a hub of innovative ways of effectively improving experiences at all touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle.

Client Profile

Bryan Equipment Sales
Pacific Ag Wholesalers
Trinity Surface & Tile
SRS Distribution
Heritage Pool Supply Group
Electracom Supply
Trenton Pipe
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