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Manufacturers today, be they local or global, are often faced with the challenge of organizing product information caused by the sheer volume of data they generate. B2Sell PIM was thus created to offer end-to-end digitization of business products and all information about them.

Our B2Sell PIM does more than merely storing product data. We allow manufacturers to exploit data as an asset whose value can be extracted, shared, and leveraged to gain a competitive edge.

B2Sell Central is compatible with a wide range of server and cloud-based platforms and services, giving you better control over all the product data you generate.

Break Down Silos

As a manufacturer, you need to on-board large amounts of data spread across various systems, business units, and applications. In doing so, you risk siloing information within your value chain. B2Sell PIM effectively breaks down those data silos giving you a 360-degree view of your product data in real-time

Adapt, Evolve, And Thrive Easily

World markets have been experiencing increased volatility. As a result, manufacturers must learn to adapt and evolve quickly as new market requirements emerge. B2Sell’s product information management system gives manufacturers a competitive edge by accelerating their time to market to meet the demand for updated or new products.

Unify Your Work Systems

B2Sell PIM creates the perfect opportunities for all stakeholders to work together in adding value to the product lifecycles. The PIM creates a central repository for your product data and makes it easily accessible to all. This interconnectivity of product data fuels success for industrial manufacturers.

Boost Operational Efficiency

B2Sell PIM comes with massive capacity for connectivity, automation, collaboration, and analytics. And all of these are designed to help you realize the complete value of correlated data about your products and manufacturing processes.


Superior analytics tools for real-time quality controls

A customer-tailored solution for modular and flexible product information management

An AI-powered PIM with tools for maintaining, repairing, and updating product data across all channels

Track, trace, and enrich product data on the go with our mobile application

Integrate B2Sell PIM today and transform your product data challenges into real business opportunities

The Number 1 PIM for Streamlining Manufacturing Processes

By simplifying product data management and streamlining workflows, B2Sell PIM gives manufacturers a better way to work on various platforms.

B2Sell is a hub of innovative ways of effectively improving experiences at all touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle.

Client Profile

Bryan Equipment Sales
Pacific Ag Wholesalers
Trinity Surface & Tile
SRS Distribution
Heritage Pool Supply Group
Electracom Supply
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Ready to Add value to Your Manufacturing Processes?

  • Collect and standardize product data from diverse sources and formats
  • Eliminate inaccuracies, omissions, and errors in your product data
  • Centrally store your product data for streamlined decision-making and strategy implementation
  • Normalized your product data giving your different teams a consensual, coherent data overview
  • Ensure consistency and accessibility of your stored data
  • Complete data analysis for instant action and shared insight