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Empower Your Sales: Explore B2Sell's Dynamic Catalog Automation Features for Optimal Growth

If you are using Adobe InDesign to create catalogs and marketing materials, we can automate and accelerate your catalog creation process with B2Sell eCentral and Creative Plugin for InDesign.

Drag & Drop Catalog Creation

B2Sell offers an intuitive drag-and-drop solution for crafting catalogs, providing the ability to seamlessly arrange items, generate previews, write descriptions, insert images, and construct product tables. Effortlessly move data onto the pages and fashion tailor-made catalogs with ease.

Automated Catalog Creation

B2Sell offers you the choice to automatically create pages by harnessing data from the Prophet 21 ERP system. Take command over the positioning, progression, styling, and adaptation preferences within the system to effortlessly generate multiple pages.

Update Catalogs

Update content in catalog pages when information changes in P21 or eCentral. Retain placement and formatting changes of the document while maintaining a live connection from catalogs to P21.

Product Tables

Configure diverse table formats including horizontal, vertical, grouped, and pivot tables within eCentral PIM. Seamlessly incorporate these tables into InDesign while ensuring automatic application of corresponding table styles.

Customizable Templates

Tailor your catalog's aesthetic with B2Sell's customizable templates. Craft a unique brand identity, elevating the visual appeal of your products and cementing a memorable impression on potential buyers.

Enriched Product Information

Empower customers with comprehensive product insights through B2Sell. Transform basic data from P21 into detailed, customer-centric information, enabling confident buying decisions and driving higher conversion rates.

Pricing Updates

B2Sell's pricing updates synchronize P21 pricing seamlessly with your catalog. Bid farewell to discrepancies as B2Sell ensures that pricing changes are accurately reflected, boosting customer trust and optimizing purchase decisions.

Efficient Data Management

B2Sell streamlines data management, automating extraction, transformation, and loading processes. Minimize errors, save time, and redirect resources toward strategic growth, while maintaining the integrity of your catalog's data.

Catalog Software for Epicor P21

Create custom catalogs, pricelists, brochures and more using eCentral PIM, with integration to P21 rest assured that the information within catalog pages are always up to date.

Customer Catalogs

Create customer specific catalogs with live pricing from Epicor Prophet 21 ERP system. Setup multiple catalogs with live pricing and automatically update your E-Commerce website for P21 with the latest catalog link.

P21 Product Filters

Generate custom catalogs and pricelists using P21 item filters such as categories, suppliers, products class, product groups & discount groups.

Multiple Formats

Generate price lists in PDF or Excel formats with the ability to create CMYK or RGB versions and full color or gray scale catalogs. Publish catalogs to an online page flipper to link on your website.

Custom Templates

Built-in template editor allows you to create and manage templates for catalogs and price lists. Setup cover pages, table of contents, indexes and multiple layouts the way you want.

Product Hyperlinks

Automatically include product hyperlinks to catalog, users can click on an item in the PDF to go to the web page for that product.

Scheduled Catalogs

Run catalogs on demand or schedule them to run at set time intervals. Automatically email users with the catalog link whenever a new version is available.

Interested in Mobile Apps for Prophet 21?

Interested in Mobile Apps for Prophet 21?

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